Rubber Blanket and Refurbishment of Rubber belt

Rubber Blanket and Refurbishment of Rubber belt

Rubber Blanket


Rubber Blanket and Refurbishment of Rubber belt

We manufacture Rubber Belts for controlled compressive shrinking process. We ensure high degree of performance with longer working life, minimal maintenance at a real convincing economical equation.




  • Inside circumference: 3962 mm
  • Usual Thickness: 50, 67, 70 and 72 mm
  • Thickness Tolerence: +2 mm / -1 mm (without tension on the belt)
  • Width Tolerence: +20 mm / -10 mm (without tension on the belt)


  •  Available in two primary durometer readings to suit specific applications:
  • Rubber Belt (38+/-3 ShA) – is specifically designed for applications requiring maximum shrinkage such as denim.
  • The lower durometer belt offers better recoil and a better grip on the fabric to enable greater shrinkage. This extra shrinkage is obtainable with less rubber belt compression. This translates into longer life and reduced cost.
  •  Rubber Belt (39-41 Shore A) – is ideal for all-purpose applications where high shrinkage and “hand” fabrics are run.


  •  2.58″ (67 mm) – is typically used to shrink medium to heavy weight fabrics.
  • 2″ (51 mm) – is used primarily to impart a softness or “hand” to fabric; with light to medium weight fabrics; and on “Comfit” machines to shrink knitted fabrics.
  •  Customers’ special requests are accepted.


  • Rubber Belts are manufactured with latest technology with extreme quality check.
  • Superior Manufacturing Process helps to eliminate air pockets and blisters.
  •  Better Resistance to Cracking and Tearing.
  •  Better resistance to Stretching.
  • Inner Surface – Exceptionally smooth to resist abrasion.
  •  Ensures less accidental damage to Rubber Belt during inspection and unloading.


  • We have refurbishing process to utilize used belt and to convert it in to a new Belt. With the same performance and durability.
  • Normally, utilizing 25% to 30% of thickness of material, the belt becomes non-usable. It truly ensures about 50% downing of the cost, even after considering transportation cost.