Rubber Rollers

Rubber Rollers


Rubber Rollers for different machines and Industry:-

The rubber rollers are used in a huge number of industries. Krishna Engineering is one of the leading rubber rollers manufacturer and glad to share the important factors of rollers. The company has a vast experience in supplying rollers for all the diverse industrial sector. The rollers are one of the major industrial equipment in the country. Companies producing rubber rollers are also exporting to countries in Asia, Europe and Africa.

Industrial Rubber rollers are consumed by printing, packaging, paper and textile industries. Many other industries like foil and coiled metal are also using the rollers. The rollers are used in applications requiring holding friction and high level of contact. It is also used in straightening of films and web materials. 

Rubber rollers are used by plastic industry, tire industry and paper industry. The product is available in vibrant colors as well. The thickness and dimensions comes in different standard sizes.

We, at Krishna engineering are also supplying rollers precisely according to the drawing or specifications provided by the clients. Since the rollers needs to get adjusted properly into the machines, accurate dimensions are important.